Water – A Tale


Where should the water go?

To the wetlands? Into the ground?

To the forest bed? To the river bed?

But can it go? – That’s the question I ask.


When the wetlands are filled

To usher in urbanization and growth,

The water goes to the houses of the humans

In search of its ancestral home.


When the grounds are concreted

To make the ‘pukka sadak’ for the ease of movement,

The water search for its infiltrating pores;

Thus, instead of irrigating, it inundates the ground.


When the forests are cleared for extracting the precious minerals,

The water loses its friend since time immemorial,

It searches for the roots for absorption and

Instead, floods the land till the distant horizon.


When the rivers are systematically exterminated,

The water cries to the heavenly God, asking,

“Where will I go when the cloud bursts?

Into the gutter? Is this my destiny now?”


Out of desperation, in raging fury,

It lets the sun scorch the land from where

It’s home had been forcibly taken away,

Teaching the mortals lesson, by devoiding them of water…


Instead, it goes where the water is aplenty,

Wreaking havoc and devastating the cities

Reminding the mortals again, threatening them,

“Play with my home and friends at your own detriment.”



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