“Because You Need This” – A Soul Stirring Non-Fiction from the Left-Handed Author, Nikhil Shrivastava


It is easy to say that we must let the little happenings surprise us. It is easy to say that the world is stuffed with wonderful creations that are more than enough to keep us happy throughout our lives. Then why do so many people in the world suffer from depression? Why do so many people get lost by getting buried under the stampede while they are running the rat race? Is it their incapability? Or, do they need something more to convey that not all of us can understand?

To highlight the turmoil that all of us go through at least at some point in our lives, Nikhil Shrivastava, the Left-Handed Author, has beautifully written his debut bestseller, “Because You Need This”. Perhaps the title itself will make you start wondering why you should pick this book off the bookshelf of a cozy bookstore. And, in case the title alone cannot convince you to pick this best seller the next time you go shopping for books, the review would surely make you crave for the same.

Because You Need This” is a non-fiction of its own kind because it has its own story to tell the world. When you flip through the pages of the book, an enchanting trance will overpower your senses. This book will make you smile reminiscing the happy days of your childhood while making you repent at fighting with your close friends. This book will make your heart beat remembering your first love while making it ache while remembering the bitter betrayal. However, in this rollercoaster ride of emotional imbalance, Nikhil has special plans for his readers so that they can learn to relive life with an unbreakable zeal and determination.

In his book “Because You Need This”, the left-handed author has narrated the various phases of our lives. Using his personal experience, he has brought out the difficulties that we grow through. His writing is so lively and user-friendly, that, while reading the book, you will feel like you are narrating the dilemmas yourself.

The best part about the book is that it helps you to understand how to cope with the darker side of life. This book will give you the strength that you need to face all odds. The book will fill you with energy to conquer the gravest fears and emerge victoriously. Hence, no wonder the left-handed author, Nikhil Shrivastava’s debut turned out to be a bestseller.

Well, in case some of you are still wondering if you should buy the book and give it a read, let me assure you that you don’t have to give a second thought on that! “Because You Need This” will change your life forever. Every page of this book is so inspiring that you will soon realise that it is the book that you had been looking for. And, for those of you who feel lonely and need a friend by your side, the left-handed author, Nikhil Shrivastava, is always there for you virtually. Feel free to reach him HERE.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hard copy of the book by contacting Nikhil on his Facebook page. You can also purchase the virtual edition on Kindle. In case you stay outside of India, you will surely get a copy of this outstanding book in the USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

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