“I Cried, I Pleaded, I Said ‘No’, But Got Raped Indeed”


They aren’t moving now;

My hands are chained, I don’t know how –

How long have I been in this dark?


People don’t come near me anymore,

I couldn’t even creep on the floor!

Blood has all dried up over my skin.



I win over my desires

To touch the diamonds

And the unreachable roofs.


How long haven’t I seen the moon?

When I touch myself, it hurts

Like it is all happening again…


I am down to the earth and they’re all above me –

Touching me, pressing me, bumping me;

However, it has now ended

And somehow I have survived,

My soul has been craving to die

And I wonder why?


What I lose, was it really mine?


The pleasing moans weren’t my wine

I cried, I pleaded, I said, “No!”, but got raped indeed.


Once, twice, and then my whole Life

Could I live?  Could I hide?

I wish someone could hear my voice!

Not anymore as I am taking my last breath

And my mind is frozen,

My body motionless and blue,

I wish I had a clue…


I went to the park at night –

The next I saw were the lights unwhite!



Somna has never been able to find her voice until she held a pen in her hand while sitting alone in the classroom. Somna finds herself writing her own emotions in the form of Poetry and, since then, writing has become her way of living. Digging deep into the words is her thing. She loves writing because she believes “Via writing, words may fade but never left unsaid.”

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