When Should You Become an Entrepreneur?


With startups being the latest trend, we are coming across many entrepreneurs. Some are quitting their monotonous jobs and starting something on their own which is quite justifiable if they have planned in advance. However, what concerns us is the number of college grads and undergrads who are bringing in new force and ideas as entrepreneurs in the market. It is good to see young talents taking up important roles, but can they manage the pressure?

As an entrepreneur, there isn’t a perfect age to start. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as an undergrad while Jerome Oxman was still working full-time at Oxman Surplus despite being 96! What really matters is how well-planned and cool-headed you are. If you can manage to be creative, establish a healthy relationship with your clients, give your customers more than they can ask for and attract investors instead of running after them, you nailed it.


Shreya Dutta is the Founder & Creative Head of StarWords India and the author of “Dance in the Rain”. She is an engineer by qualification and a writer by passion. Years ago, when little girls were jotting down their bucket list, Shreya was lost in her dreamland in which she was immortal. Dutta had started off writing at an early age because she believed that writing not only helped her to voice her opinion but also led her closer to immortality. With every write-up that gets published, Shreya believes that she gets embedded in the pages of history to inspire the youngsters who dream likewise. Writing is not just her passion; it is her way of taking the road less travelled.

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