In Search of a Treasure Trove


Where has the love gone?
Where has your smile gone?
Is there a place I can go to
In search of the lost treasure trove?

The sunny days are rare now,
Replaced by barren cold desert,
Turning my heart into a dormant entity,
Slowing its pace second by second.

Emptiness has engulfed my existence,
Snatching away my senses, my sanity,
Rendering me into a useless meat,
Without any soul – ready to be hacked.

My only salvation lies in redemption;
To ask for forgiveness where it’s not available.
On and on I will go, without any hesitation
Till the last breath – till eternal time.

There is no hope left; still, I will try
Praying against the impossible odds
To get the glimpse of those smiling eyes,
Injecting a rush of fresh air in my degenerating body –

I am a weakling, I know that for the fact;
Still, in my last moment, I will develop an iron will
To laugh into the face of death,
Smiling and embracing, without an iota of regret.

But, I promise, my love, I will come back
In some form or the other, bringing back your beauty.
For, I know in my heart, death is but a door
To the place where your treasure trove lies.


With Harry Potter introducing him to the world of brilliant books, RR is one of the most avid readers you will come across. He is the person who looks for the best even in the worst; and, that is perhaps the reason why the books, which will definitely put you to sleep, seem interesting to Rishi! And, his vast reading ability gives him the skill required to pen down his thoughts lucidly.

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