A Lady in the Park


The lady who I met in the park
Appeared out of thin air, like a rising morning sun,
With a tired body and a plastered smile
Displaying her agony of wasted hours.


Her company was intoxicating and exhilarating
Enchanting me into her happening life,
But suddenly, a vacuum was created
As she disappeared with the afternoon sun.


I wandered and staggered, looping around
Coming back again to the same spot,
In a hope, she will materialize again;
But my optimism died, with dying evening sun.


I looked at the full moon, crying;
To stop the agonizing pain, which I couldn’t bear
It took me just a moment to fall in love,
But it’s now taking forever, to come out of it


As I prepared to leave the spot by the fountain
My pain started ebbing away, and a cool
Breeze started flowing, clearing the mist around;
And there she came again, with her face glowing,


Her eyes were sparkling, forehead shinning;
She embraced me with her soft energized features
Promising to stay for a handful of hours
Drowning me again in her eternal beauty.



With Harry Potter introducing him to the world of brilliant books, RR is one of the most avid readers you will come across. He is the person who looks for the best even in the worst; and, that is perhaps the reason why the books, which will definitely put you to sleep, seem interesting to Rishi! And, his vast reading ability gives him the skill required to pen down his thoughts lucidly.

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