Meet Erika Kind – The Author of “I’m Free” and a Versatile Blogger


Erika Kind is one of the finest writers and bloggers that you will come across. Her inspiring write-ups have left a positive impact on the lives of everyone who have had the privilege to come across her. Thus, StarWords India takes this privilege of getting to know Erika in a better way. Let’s read her wise words now.

Before I start answering Shreya’s thoughtful questions, I want to thank her and the StarWords India team for their kindness and the honor of interviewing me. I appreciate this very much.


Define WRITING is 3 words.
Making inspiration visible.


Do you think you need to read good books always in order to become a good writer?
Not necessarily. Of course, reading books gives you the sense of expression and widens your range or words (most of all when you are writing in a language which is not your mother tongue as it is in my case).  Also, I often experienced when I started reading a book – and here I mean books about self-discovery – that only by reading the first paragraphs I got instantly inspired. After a little while, I noticed that I am not reading any more in the book but in my own thoughts. The book was already lying on the table. But instead, I started writing. It appeared to me that I only started reading in order to open the channel… everything else just happened by itself. Basically, when the inspiration is flowing (and it doesn’t matter whatever you are writing about) you don’t need to have read a single book before in order to know “how”. You only need to keep that channel open, stay in the flow, and simply write down what comes from it. That way it will be exactly what is meant to be written. The less the head is involved in that stage the more profound and powerful the energy of the message that flows into the lines.


Which author do you worship and why?
There are many authors who inspired me and influenced my development with their messages. But as many of my followers know there is one specific author and spiritual teacher who gave me the key to open the doors to my inner world. I understood what he what he was talking about in a way that went far beneath the mind. It felt as if he reminded me of something I already knew and that brought something in motion. That author is Wayne Dyer. I am thankful that I was able to sit in his audience three times. The last time in October 2014 at the “I Can Do It” convention in Pasadena where I also had the book signing of the English version of my book “I’m Free”.


“I’m Free” has inspired one and all. Who was the inspiration behind this masterpiece in your case?
I never considered me writing a book. I was too insecure to share my words, opinions, and insights with the public. I only did it with close friends or people who thought like me. I was basically afraid to share anything because I was I was afraid to be criticized. But due to me daring to change my inner concept led to a profound breakthrough in 2009. It is indescribable how many curtains fell from my eyes and made me see and understand that I am entitled to let my inner being live regardless of what the rest of the world thinks of it. I realized that I can only be free when I follow my inner compass and stand behind my own decisions. Even though it means that I have to leave my comfort zone. It is the only way to really live and expand myself the way I have always been meant to. I have to admit that I headed towards that breakthrough after I read many books to overcome my inner chains and here again because I put in practice what got activated due to Wayne Dyer’s teachings.


Should the budding writers opt for traditional or self-publishing?
That depends! First of all, it is a matter of the financial situation and also if it is fiction or non-fiction and what genre. Everybody can afford to self-publish a book. Of course, this needs a lot of time and can be pretty nerve-wracking but you can create your own book by yourself without paying anyone. I did this with my book 101 Kind Quotes and with Enjoy Life! I can also imagine doing it with a novella. But I would never do this with a book like “I’m Free”. It is too important to me that everything is perfectly checked by experts. Starting with professional recommendations, editing as well as the best layout and marketing concepts. If I did not publish my English version of “I’m Free” with a professional traditional publisher I might not have discovered the blogging world because that was part of their social media campaign.
There is also the question Kindle or physical book. I am still not a friend of e-books. I want to hold it in hands and want to look into it or check on something anytime later (for example reference books or everything that teaches something). But as I said, this is a good option for novellas most of all for vacation.


What is the craziest thing that you have done so far?
Gosh, what a question… haha. I don’t think I have ever done something crazy. I never even got drunk or smoked a cigarette. I was one of those who was scared to break the rules… do you see where I came from and how necessary my breakthrough was? Let’s say since my breakthrough my life got a lot crazier. I did not stop taking chances and following my inner calling and gut feeling. This led me to so many new experiences which often scared me to no end and caused me a lot of stomach pain. Sometimes I ask myself if I am crazy that I am doing that to me… haha!


How many times did you end up at the Principal’s office in school? Mind sharing a snippet?
Only once… and that was because I and other classmates accompanied some other classmates who were called to the principal. So it wasn’t about me… as I said… I was such a boringly good kid… lol!


If writing and blogging were taken away from your life, which profession would suit you the most and why?
If I did not have my writing I would invest more time into my singing- and song-projects again. I am a professional singer and still have several engagements throughout the year. I also produced my own songs. You can listen to them over here. Music and writing is half of my life. It is the expression, filling me, and inspiring me. But (next to being a member of the management in a compliance company) I am also a therapist. I am working with aromatherapy, Emmett-Therapy, Matrix-Transformation, and spiritual healing. I also offer one-to-one sessions when people need inspiration how to move on in their lives or how to deal with difficult situations. So, to put it in a nutshell: If writing would be taken away from me I would find something else to spread the message about the precious beings we all. I would always find a way!


How would you like to inspire the budding writers and bloggers?
I have to digress here a little bit. The reason I am blogging and writing is not because of my passion for writing but because of my passion for the miracle everyone is. As I mentioned above that the reason I am blogging is because of my book “I’m Free” and the reason I wrote it is that I wanted as many people as possible feel the joy and power of who they are and why they have come here. This is the inspiration I want to spread in as many ways as possible and blogging or social media, in general, is a great tool to get the word out. If anybody feels the calling for writing… do it! When I started the manuscript I did not plan on publishing it yet. That would have overwhelmed me. I had no pressure and simply did it step by step. Once I thought that it was complete I was ready too for searching a publisher. Because during the writing process and the subjects I wrote about I went through so many deep valleys within myself and got prepared for the next step.  
Don’t sit and think about it, just do it and see where it leads you without putting yourself under pressure. Feel the joy. As long as you are doing what comes from your inner fire it will all work out in the perfect way. Don’t ponder if anybody likes it… the right people will find you. Write for the sake of the passion you want to share with others, may it be a novella, a poem book, a thriller, a cookbook. Whatever you do, do it from your heart and it will be perfect!


Any take on StarWords India and its platform?
I became aware of StarWords India because of their interview with my blog sis, Ritu. After Shreya kindly invited me for this interview I checked out their blog a bit more. They are a very engaged group of young writers who publish their own posts regarding several different subjects and also support other authors with their great interviews. A big thank you to StarWords India for their great work!


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Zazzle: In her Zazzle store, you will find all kinds of items with inspiring quotes on them. Perhaps it makes a nice Christmas gift for a loved person you want to send an inspiring or encouraging message or simply show that you care!


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