Should You Marry a Narcissist?


Narcissists are basically those little populations of people we have in our world, who by definition are self-obsessed and self-centered. They have this exaggerated sense of self-importance and when it comes to relationships, they are probably not the most reliable people to stay together forever with. Since they place themselves and their needs before others, relationships with them can be frustrating as they tend to act in manipulative and controlling manner which you might completely dislike.

At the first glance, these narcissistic personalities appear as very eye-catching. We always want to be with somebody who is confident and has an energetic way of life. Narcissists offer us just that. They are incredibly charming and fascinating; at first, you regard their self-centered manners as being a joke to make you laugh or something charming. They do tend to make great first impression cause who wouldn’t if they are so confident in their self! However first impressions and the first few dates are very different from a long-term commitment to marriage.


The key problems that you might face when you decide to marry a narcissist person are stated below in pointers for a better understanding:


1-    As a lifelong partner of a narcissist, there will definitely be moments in life when you would want to be their topmost priority. You will get those moments surely because nobody marries just out of a whim, however, narcissists mostly tend to lean on their partners when they have something to gain in return. This is why they have a terrible record when it comes to long-term relationships.

2-    Research has revealed that it’s mostly females who are more inclined towards narcissism and it’s their attitude during the marriage that dooms a relationship, however, males can be narcissists as well. However, research from the University of Georgia yielded that the marriage to a narcissist tends to worsen with time. Now, another factor in this study was that the narcissism of males who not taken into account completely because the societal norms allow men to exert more power and influence as compared to females in a relationship. But if your partner is a narcissist, regardless of their gender, marital problems are a guarantee.

3-    In a marriage to a narcissist, you can face a lot of problems because of the constant neglect that your partner showers upon you. They will only pay attention when they want and this often leads to marital problems. Narcissists often always tend to dismiss their partner’s feelings and wants, they place themselves and their needs above their partners and this poses a problem in any relationship. This tends to lead to a stressful marriage life with problems like anxiety and depression just waiting around the corner to kick in.


While these three points are really brief and quite wide, the main conclusion of these points is that a marriage to a narcissist is always a risky affair. However, nothing in life comes easy and it’s best to know the personality of your partner completely before you decide to tie the knot with them. Get to know each other better so that in the future, you will be well prepared to deal with any issue that might arise.


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