Spare a thought for the terminally ill


– By Sitharaam Jayakumar

Spare a thought! Spare a thought!
For those of us who have not got a lot
of days and nights left to live,
but who still have a lot to give.
Riding in the valley of death,
Days and nights shrouded by a cold breath
That slowly sap a man’s strength
Leaving him in agony of spirit.

Spare a thought! Spare a thought!
For that never dying spirit
Who refuses to give any quarter,
As the number of days left to live become shorter.
The will to fight to the very end,
Right down to the final bend,
In the road to the ultimate end
Where man meets his creator.

Spare a thought! Spare a thought!
For friends and foes alike
who face a common enemy
in Death- the great leveller.

About the author-

Someknow it from the very beginning, for others this discovery is no less than an amusing surprise. Sitharaam Jayakumar, IT professional for past 27 years, happened to discover his unpremeditated zeal during a lazy weekend after penning his first ever poem for his darling daughter. It was just the beginning.


Sushmita firmly believes in her motto “Write like no one else will ever read you” and encourages the same to everyone.

Aspiring to create something brilliant and a prominent work of literature in the near future, she prioritises moulding style and emotions into words, at the same time, exalting thoughts and feelings above expressions.

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