Finding the Futile


-By Rohan Jha

Do we find friends now?
I don’t think so!
In this world with people growing row by row
And humanity hitting its low.
Do we find friends now?
I don’t think so!

To find a friend amiable and kind,
In this 21st century mankind? (Ha)
A world full of malice and vice,
Cheating and lies- the only sheer hypocrisy on rise.
But, does it matter in today’s ways?
I don’t think so….
But don’t be sad it’s not that bad
Because the world we live we form;
So, be good and don’t just frown,
And see the world change to green from brown.

About the author:

Being a student of class IX, Rohan Jha has surrendered to the beautiful world of poetry. He feels that ideas and feelings are best conveyed when they are put forward in a poetic way. He sees poetry not only as a hide but also something that wears the potential of changing the social perspective.


Sushmita firmly believes in her motto “Write like no one else will ever read you” and encourages the same to everyone.

Aspiring to create something brilliant and a prominent work of literature in the near future, she prioritises moulding style and emotions into words, at the same time, exalting thoughts and feelings above expressions.

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