Oudh 1590 – A Review


Oudh 1590 is an all-time favourite of ours and, thus, we decided to celebrate on 18 July by indulging in an authentic Awadhi cuisine. As it was Wednesday, we, fortunately, did not have to wait and were led to a table for 3.

Coming to the experience, let me jot down the same for you.

1. Ambience:


The ambience was extraordinary with dim lighting that reminded us of the times when the Mughals dined in grandeur. The soothing gazal played all along enhanced the dining experience even better. Rating: 4.5/5

2. Staff:

The staff was dressed to suit the Awadhi theme and were extremely courteous. They made sure that they were present to help us out even without our asking. Rating: 5/5

3. Food:

Coming to the food, we ordered as follows:

a. Mutton Galawati Kebab:

The two plates contained 8 pieces of kebab in total. The kebab was rich in flavours and melted in our mouth. The pudina chutney was exceptional and made our taste buds tingle to the fullest. Rating: 5/5

b. Murgh Zafrani Kebab:

4 mouthful of boneless chicken pieces greeted us with the aroma of saffron making our salivary glands way more active. The chicken pieces were tenderly cooked and the marination was perfect. It wasn’t very spicy but the dish managed to leave its impact by leaving us with clean plates. Rating: 4.5/5

c. Gosht Raan Biryani:


The biryani was booming with rich flavours. The shredded mutton pieces were tender and flavourful. The rice was cooked to perfection and the earthen pots enhanced the deliciousness of the dish. We had ordered 2 biryanis and that was sufficient to meet the humongous hunger of three people. Rating: 5/5



d. Aam Panna:

We also ordered two glasses of Aam Panna. The drink was good and felt soothing after eating like maniacs. Rating: 4/5

e. Murgh Irani:

The 2 boneless chicken pieces were tenderly cooked in a thick tomato gravy with the touch of saffron. The dish had a great texture and flavour. Rating: 4.5/5


f. Butter Naan:


The naan was big and soft. The texture was very smooth and satisfied our expectation. Rating: 4.5/5


g. Masala Cold Drink:

The drink was prepared quite well and was a treat after a heavy lunch. Rating: 4/5

Overall, we had a great experience with a pocket pinch of INR 4000 for 7 people. We would surely come back to Oudh 1590 to try out more delicacies.



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