Burger in Law: Kasba Delivery Outlet – A Review


Burger in Law is a newly-opened delivery joint at Kasba. Being a true Bong, I can only think of having burgers when I’m in need of snacking. Hence, when we met at our cousin’s place near Acropolis Mall, we decided to give this new joint a try.

We had ordered several types of burgers and shakes along with some snackers. I had personally tasted the following items and I’d like to share my experience with you.

❣️Bye Bye Birdie (INR 230):

Bye Bye Birdie is a fancy name for BBQ Chicken Wings. This dish consisted of 8 pieces of succulent chicken wings sautéed is an authentic Asian BBQ sauce. The wings got the twist in the flavour with chilli flakes and basil leaves tossed with the tangy and spicy sauce. Overall, Bye Bye Birdie is that dish I can never bid goodbye to. In fact, it’s one of the best BBQ Chicken Wings I’ve had in a while. Rating: 5/5

❣️Classic Mojito (INR 120):

The mojito was cool and I expected it to be refreshing in terms of taste. However, the classic flavour infused with the help of fresh lime and mint leaves did not help much as the syrup was clearly overused. This killed the classic flavour of the drink and was too sweet for my taste. Rating: 3/5

❣️Brownie Shake (INR 180):

The brownie shake compensated for the mistake they had made with the mojito. The shake was thick and perfectly sweetened. I really loved it. Rating: 5/5

❣️Chicken Licka Burger (INR 300):

As the name suggests, this chicken burger was finger-licking tasty. The burger consisted of a grilled chicken patty, 2 chicken sausages, a chicken bacon strip, one fried egg, and a chicken salami. These were accompanied with fresh lettuce dripping with extra cheese. We had taken the XL version that was accompanied with soft drink and medium fries. The burger was quite large. So, in case you don’t have a good appetite, order the regular one. Rating: 5/5

Burger in Law surprisingly won our hearts even though it’s a new outlet. We will definitely order again and try out some more dishes.

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