Should You Marry a Narcissist?

1+ Narcissists are basically those little populations of people we have in our world, who by definition are self-obsessed and self-centered. They have this exaggerated sense of self-importance and when it comes to relationships, they are probably not the most reliable people to stay together forever with. Since they place themselves and their needs before Read more about Should You Marry a Narcissist?[…]

Top 5 Female Personalities in India

1+ Over the years, women have gained the top positions in almost all institutions of India. Whether it’s in the entertainment industry or social activism or industrial sector, females have managed to conquer the world and nothing could make India prouder than all their accomplishments! While their success and fame are worlds known, some women Read more about Top 5 Female Personalities in India[…]

Top 5 Bollywood Movies To Look Forward to in 2018

0 Bollywood is ready to offer a lot of treats to their movie fanatics with their launch list all prepared. Some movies which are yet to be released have already created such a big buzz in the media that you cannot help but wait for them to be out on the big screens! While this Read more about Top 5 Bollywood Movies To Look Forward to in 2018[…]

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