Book Review – Dance in the Rain

3+ Title: Dance in the Rain Author: Shreya Dutta Publisher: Think Tank Books Buy Now! Publishing Date: January 2018 Genre: Poetry Pages: 58 ISBN-10: 8193620402 ISBN-13: 978-8193620403 Format: Paperback, Kindle edition Review Shreya Dutta, through her book, would indeed make anyone dance in the rain of emotions. Her book, a collection of poems, written during the course of Read more about Book Review – Dance in the Rain[…]

The Origin of JAVA

5+ Imagine the Troika sitting in a room where you can see the oak tree beyond the window, speaking in a codified incomprehensible language while sipping the coffee from their mug. All they ever wanted was to create a language for the interactive television network, but, as the time was not ripe, it proved too advanced Read more about The Origin of JAVA[…]

A figure in the morning

6+ A figure emerges out of The morning foggy atmosphere, In complete silence and tranquility Looking a bit jaded and weary.   She had tired eyes And aching hands Because of the days’ labour She has performed for her dream.   The smile looks plastered, As if assuring her companion To fear not the laws Read more about A figure in the morning[…]

His Time to Leave has Come

22+ When life leaves the body, The body lays limp, unmindful Of the surrounding nearby, lying Still in a deep unbreakable sleep. While the offsprings comes, crying Their hearts out, in grief and agony Of losing their beloved father, who gave Everything he has for their better future, Nearby stands the grandchildren’s brigade Unable to Read more about His Time to Leave has Come[…]

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