In Search of a Treasure Trove

10+ Where has the love gone? Where has your smile gone? Is there a place I can go to In search of the lost treasure trove? The sunny days are rare now, Replaced by barren cold desert, Turning my heart into a dormant entity, Slowing its pace second by second. Emptiness has engulfed my existence, Read more about In Search of a Treasure Trove[…]

Water – A Tale

27+ Where should the water go? To the wetlands? Into the ground? To the forest bed? To the river bed? But can it go? – That’s the question I ask.   When the wetlands are filled To usher in urbanization and growth, The water goes to the houses of the humans In search of its Read more about Water – A Tale[…]

Can the Rig Vedic Age Teach Us How to Help Our Women?

6+ India has a rich culture to showcase the entire world. With a diversity that is explicit, India boasts of a divine culture dating back to the days when the Rig Vedic Age was at its dominant streak. The status of women then and the status of women now in India have a lot in Read more about Can the Rig Vedic Age Teach Us How to Help Our Women?[…]

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