Whistle Blower: A Warning

8+ All of us are a part of an organization, which can be big or small, where we perform our duty towards the organization and maintain its secrecy on topmost priority. Every employee tries to give his or her best to fulfill the responsibilities towards the company and dedicates the efforts towards the company’s well-being. Read more about Whistle Blower: A Warning[…]

Confused? Know How to Start Off as a Content Writer

38+ Content writing is a profession that has been existing since time immemorial. Though it wasn’t awarded with this corporate term, yet, the profession has been the bread and butter ever since man acquired the interest of documenting important events. If you consider the present scenario, you will understand that your life as a content Read more about Confused? Know How to Start Off as a Content Writer[…]

How Should You Convince Your Parents that You Want to Become a Writer?

37+ Writing is such a career that is still looked down upon in the Indian society. If you turn out to be the next Rabindranath Tagore, the society will worship you. However, when you are still a toddler in the world of writing, claiming that you are a writer takes a lot of guts because Read more about How Should You Convince Your Parents that You Want to Become a Writer?[…]

Being a Leader

6+ A number of you may say that a leader is the one who is a good speaker. Yes, speaking and making yourself heard is definitely a trait that every leader possesses. However, what matters the most is whether, as a leader, you can inspire your listeners and followers. While thinking along this line, I realized Read more about Being a Leader[…]

When Should You Become an Entrepreneur?

3+ With startups being the latest trend, we are coming across many entrepreneurs. Some are quitting their monotonous jobs and starting something on their own which is quite justifiable if they have planned in advance. However, what concerns us is the number of college grads and undergrads who are bringing in new force and ideas Read more about When Should You Become an Entrepreneur?[…]

Should You Become an Entrepreneur?

3+ When you already have a steady job, why should sacrifice the peace of mind and become an entrepreneur? Do you think entrepreneurship is boring? In case you do, you are highly mistaken. Read on to find out why. Being an entrepreneur will give you the license to do what you want without having a Read more about Should You Become an Entrepreneur?[…]

Are Women Good Bosses?

5+ Should the startup culture see the rise of female entrepreneurs? Should women be allowed to take the unending responsibilities associated with the well-being of her firm? This post would tell you why women are better at handling the business. According to research, women are usually cool-headed. They weigh the pros and cons multiple times Read more about Are Women Good Bosses?[…]

Does India Need Potential Female Entrepreneurs?

3+ It is true that India needs potential women entrepreneurs. However, why do we not get to hear of a company being led by a woman more often? Not every woman can be expected to become as successful as Indra Nooyi, the CFO and President of PepsiCo. However, they can at least take up the Read more about Does India Need Potential Female Entrepreneurs?[…]

Are the Startups Treating the Men and Women Equally?

2+ In my previous post, I left you on the note that the modern startup culture can establish the equality between men and women. However, how can it be surely said that this is going to be a successful idea? Let’s look at a fashion house that is about to be launched. Yes, there are Read more about Are the Startups Treating the Men and Women Equally?[…]

Can the Startup Trend Bring Equality in Gender?

2+ Some of you must have already noticed that it is quite difficult to strike a balance between the number of men and women working at any firm. Though equality between the men and women at the workplace has started to set in, not all women get the job that they deserve. Take the construction Read more about Can the Startup Trend Bring Equality in Gender?[…]

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