1+ -By Ananya Ghosh Am I a good person? No. Do I try to be better every day? No. Who is to judge? I have created a bubble around me that hides me from this world, That protects me from the devil; From the outside they see me as a person They can get to Read more about Illusion[…]

Finding the Futile

1+ -By Rohan Jha Do we find friends now? I don’t think so! In this world with people growing row by row And humanity hitting its low. Do we find friends now? I don’t think so! To find a friend amiable and kind, In this 21st century mankind? (Ha) A world full of malice and Read more about Finding the Futile[…]

Madly in Love till Her Last Breath

2+ -By Rounik Raj A world far beyond – Deep, dark and all alone. She craved, grieved, gasped And looked for hope, But there were no stars to look upon; She cursed her fate for all this chaos. Her heart was being crushed by the thoughts she spawned. His memories were too strong to be Read more about Madly in Love till Her Last Breath[…]

The Better Me

7+ – By Tanuja Mehta Among the beautiful constellations I may be a curious comet, Not stable and secure like others But moving randomly to fit better with them. I may be lesser pebble among the shiny jems, But can be a strengthening support for a memorable monument. I may not be a confident speaker, Read more about The Better Me[…]

Little Girl

4+ By Tanuja Mehta I was lost in the depth of talks, Until she sat next to me in her frilled frock. She was unaware of the flaunts she made, Sitting quietly provoked me to gaze. Thinking of her made me so calm That I forgot all world’s harm. When our eyes met, I froze Read more about Little Girl[…]

Top 5 Classics that Every Literature Lover Must Read

1+ Classics are often referred to as the piece of literary works that could narrate their stories across generations. The classics, though written in any part of the world or representing any particular society are acknowledged throughout the globe for their relevance and other qualities. Every book has a mesmerizing tale for every reader who Read more about Top 5 Classics that Every Literature Lover Must Read[…]

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