Where is everybody?

3+ As world citizens of the twenty-first century, our grey matter is intrigued by whether life forms do exist in the universe apart from on our earth. As no homunculus from extra-terrestrial worlds is on exhibition in a natural science museum here on Earth, it’s only legitimate to come to a conclusion – only Earth Read more about Where is everybody?[…]

Top 10 Checklist for Outbound Sales Campaigns

2+ Introduction: Running a business requires a good sales team. If you cannot sell your products and services, you cannot expect your business to grow. In order to achieve the target that you have set for your brand, you need to research well and reach out to those people who are interested in availing your Read more about Top 10 Checklist for Outbound Sales Campaigns[…]

Water Treatment Plants and their Importance

1+ With increasing pollution, the risks of mass extinction are increasing considerably. No matter how much we are reluctant about it, it is affecting us and nature greatly. The earth is turning into a ticking time bomb and it’s high time we pay attention to this major issue. It’s because of us and the waste Read more about Water Treatment Plants and their Importance[…]

Top 5 Newspapers for IAS Aspirants

1+ Becoming an IAS officer is a dream which several youngsters in our country passionately chase. However, a few succeed. Success in the civil services examinations is not about how hard one works, but about how smart one is in recognizing the right methods for preparation. Reading the newspaper is a pre-requisite for IAS preparation. Read more about Top 5 Newspapers for IAS Aspirants[…]

How Small Businesses Should Hire Their Sales Teams

1+ Nowadays, a majority of the small businesses are failing within just a few years of their inception not because of the services or products they offer or any other services, but due to the lack of sales. This clearly states the importance of sales for a small business. For a small business, hiring a Read more about How Small Businesses Should Hire Their Sales Teams[…]

Top Careers to Pursue after Engineering

1+ It’s often said– When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Before the completion of his journey of Engineering, the thoughts of career surmount his feelings and makes him ponder to explore the things which lure him the most. An engineering student is bound to think on – “WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER Read more about Top Careers to Pursue after Engineering[…]

High Rise Buildings or Mars – Choice is Yours!

1+ With time, matters alternate and so does the mindset of humans. Not long ago, dwelling in a tower was considered middle class. The rich used to live in large, beautiful homes with a front backyard and more than required rooms. However, the situation has flipped by 180 Degrees. These days, the richest of the Read more about High Rise Buildings or Mars – Choice is Yours![…]

Should You Marry a Narcissist?

1+ Narcissists are basically those little populations of people we have in our world, who by definition are self-obsessed and self-centered. They have this exaggerated sense of self-importance and when it comes to relationships, they are probably not the most reliable people to stay together forever with. Since they place themselves and their needs before Read more about Should You Marry a Narcissist?[…]

Duolingo App: Frame on Your Own

3+ “Pasito..Pasito…hmm..mm…des…pa..cito…” This has been my one of my favourite song since it came out. But sadly, I could only hum. Well, until now! Duolingo got my back. A platform where we can learn any language just at figure tips. With 200 million and still counting users, it’s regarded the most effective language-learning website and Read more about Duolingo App: Frame on Your Own[…]

E-Commerce: The Game Changer in the Shopping Industry

2+ The late 1980’s saw the origination of the internet phenomenon– E-Commerce! Since its explosive inception, it has taken the global markets by storm. It has successfully penetrated into the local markets and the remote areas too; courtesy- an internet connection! Any person can buy or sell virtually anything on an e-commerce platform. Just name Read more about E-Commerce: The Game Changer in the Shopping Industry[…]

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