4th December 2017




StarWords India welcomes your submissions in the form of Quotes for which the guidelines are mentioned below.

  1. The quotes should only be written in ENGLISH.
  2. Each quote must contain a maximum of 50 words.
  3. You can choose your own theme as long as it is not offending under any circumstances. Adult content directing to erotica, porn, etc. will be rejected.
  4. The quote should not be plagiarized. However, you can submit a previously published quote from your personal blog. Quotes published on ANY other online and offline media will be REJECTED due to copyright issues.
  5. The last date for submission is 30 September 2019.
  6. You can submit as many quotes as you want to. Check out the submission fee required BELOW.
  7. All submissions have to be done via the Google Form.
  8. After completing the registration process and submitting the fee, you need to fill the form. A team member will get in touch with you within 48 hours and confirm your submission.


  1. Some selected quotes will be chosen and compiled into a book (Both e-book and Paperback). The book will be published by a popular publisher.
  2. Every participant will be awarded a certificate of participation.
  3. The winner will be given a monetary reward of INR 1000.

To submit 1 quote, click here and fill up this FORM

To submit 2 or 3 quotes, click here and fill up this FORM


  1. You need to pay INR 50 per quote while submitting your work.
  2. For submissions exceeding 1 quote, the discounted registration fee is INR 100 per 3 quotes.
  3. The COPYRIGHT of every quote will remain with the author.
  4. The copyright of the book compiled will remain with StarWords India and the Publisher.
  5. The accepted mode of payment is GPay or PayTm.
  6. Please find below the payment details. After submitting the fee, take a screenshot and upload that on the form.

Pay via PayTm:

Pay via GPay (VPA Address) : supratimdey33@oksbi

To submit 1 quote, click here and fill up this FORM

To submit 2 or 3 quotes, click here and fill up this FORM


Send in your queries at submissions.starwords@gmail.com. You can also contact us directly.

Shreya Dutta – Founder & Creative Head, StarWords India

Both Call and WhatsApp (+91-89023 65920)

Supratim Dey – Designing Head, StarWords India

WhatsApp (+91-81003 71785)

Call (+91-70036 31432)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Submission of the registration fee guarantees participation in the competition. Under no circumstances should the participant assume that his or her quote has been accepted to be a part of our book.
  2. Submitting multiple quotes will increase the chances of participation and the contestants are encouraged to submit multiple quotes in order to win.
  3. Only one winner will be selected based on the jury’s decision. The decision of the jury and the guest of honour will be final.
  4. The rules and regulations implemented by the organisers may change to suit the market demands and the the organisers are not answerable to the contestants if that happens.
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