On Human Emotions

5+ -By Sitharaam Jayakumar Anger! Thy name is like a curse: You cause such profound distress; Igniting grievance and spreading dislike in both men and women alike. Sorrow! You fill the heart with agony: Making the soul cry in disharmony; Among all alive, awake you tempt to rain the copious tears of woe. Arrogance! You really Read more about On Human Emotions[…]

It is Better to Feel Surprised than to Feel Disappointed

3+ Expectations,expectations & expectations! Keeping them high ruins everything. Yes, everything. The daughter didn’t speak to her parents for weeks just because they couldn’t get her favorite dress while coming back from some place, last night a friend of mine called me up explaining how she broke up, the reason being nothing but a minor Read more about It is Better to Feel Surprised than to Feel Disappointed[…]

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